Georges brev/letter – project-text

Pedagogical project in Kindu & Swanta in Nepal                 Georges Cappelle

Dear Friends

With pleasure I go into the request of the School Committee chairman and the local population to start and realize  a project in November 2017 in the Shree Kindu Primary School  and the Swanta Shikar School  where I also want to help children with social and learning difficulties in my spare time. They live in  poor families and exhibit anxiety to make mistakes and to fall a victim to teasings.

Besides I’ll show the teachers an alternative for their education in the class. Now the students repeat the teachers explanation without understanding the contents or they copy gratuitous the text from the whiteboard. Thinking is reproduction. The children are noisy and miss concentration and silence. The teachers are scarcely trained and they don’t have or use didactic materials.

First I’ll buy didactic materials to give a surplus value (copying machine, laptop,  exercise books, pencils and colour pencils, stories…). The I’ll show child friendly and creative teaching and I’ll explain this method. Gradually the teachers can help during the lessons and finally they can take over the class. I hope the teaching satisfaction and the learning pleasure can grow.

In a pleasant atmosphere the  students learn to work alone and together in silence. Through good questions the students discuss and think critically. With their head, heart and hands, they are concerned in their learning process. No reproductive but productive thinking.

In English I use the systematic approach, but there are also themes like my class, my school, my family,…I make use of photos, cd’s, songs…for instruction and implementation. In value education I use concrete situations of their life  and stories from Nepal or from the books Bouba & Zaza, Unesco.  We play games, we draw and paint and we look dvd’s on the laptop.

In mathematics I replace counting with fingers by working and thinking with structured didactic materials like the square pictures of Lay, the hundred board and the abacus. In the metric system the students work active with measures and sizes of different materials and objects.

During world orientation the students learn with respect about themselves, the other(s) of their neighborhood and the people from abroad, the casts (in Nepal and India), the religions, the culture and the communication. The students in those communities high in the Annapurna-mountains must know more about their country in the world. They have to understand that the world is our village.

My project has influence upon the  population in that poor region. People know the value of a good education that can provide a better welfare and prosperity for them and the next generation(s).

To realize my engagement I need a lot of didactic materials that I give the schools and that I can buy in Pokhara, a big city  far from those communities. For that and for the transport, I need a lot of money. I am very grateful if you want/can support my project.

With respect

Georges Cappelle