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                   Training teachers in alternative education in south Peru            Georges Cappelle
Dear friends
In the spring of 2019 I am going to a pedagogical project in Moquegua deep in the south of this Andes country and towards the border of Chile and Bolivia. Peru is a country that you never know fully or release, with a variety of culture, language, standard of living and sometimes extreme poverty. The low educational level is the PISA-ranking is at place 67 of 70 studied countries.

The current approach
to education consists of pre- and post-talking/reading with the intention to reproduce the learning content, which inhibits learning curiosity, motivation and learning pleasure. You will not find valuable educational media and the didactic background of the teachers is very low

(Photo: educational situation in Peru)

During the project
a different educational and learning model is presented to the teachers and the pupils. If possible, we work together with a teacher training college, which means that the impact of the project will continue in the long term. We choose that the children are involved with head, heart and hands in their learning process so that the learning pleasure, and the well-being increase, also for the children with problems and/or limitations.

We aim for challenging, creative and child-friendly education in mathematics, musical and physical expression, physical and manual activities, telling stories, working with playing-learning materials in English and concrete and schematic media, all during the instruction, the application and the exercise of the learning content. The teachers follow first the lessons (observation), then they take part step by step (participating) and finally they get the class in hands (realizing).

In order to be able to realize this approach, we make valuable didactic media or buy it in the city. After that use, the materials stay all in the local schools. During the purchase we look among other things at textbooks, storybooks and songbooks, a laptop, DVDs  with all kind of valuable exercises in mathematics…and attractive English children’s movies, materials for writing, drawing, handcrafting, balls, concentration games …and basic materials.

The experience teaches us that the local population, schools and children greatly appreciate such a project because it undoubtedly contributes to the development and the general welfare of everyone.

In order to be able to fulfil my commitment financially, I need a lot of money to purchase and transport all the materials from Arequipa to the project. I should be very grateful if you can support this project in south Peru. My friend  Sten will discuss with you how to transfer your contribution.

With respect and expression of gratitude

Georges Cappelle