Collection for Nepal 2017

1 march 2018  Teaching at a higher level in the Himalaya
Report from Georges Cappele three months on the Nepalaian countryside and the himalayan mountainsides. Now back home in Torhout, Belgien.

January 1, 2018: Georges called me today from Swanta and we had a short chat.
Today – sunday – he had englishclasses in Swanta for pupils  going to secondary school. Tomorrow, monday 2nd january, he walks to Kindu teach there.
It is still warm during the days. The winter is arriving.
For the collected money he has bought books and other schoolmaterial. As he comes back he will send pictures and a report from his work in the two municipalities of Swanta and Kindu.

In Nepal they don’t celebrate the new year in any special way. On christmas they give a gift but nothing more.
In Nepal they have the Nepali Calendar.  The year is 2074 and the seventeenth day in the month of Poush (overlapping december and january).
Poush (BengaliপৌষNepaliपौष) is the 9th month of both the Bengali calendar[1] and the Nepali calendar. It overlaps December and January of the Gregorian calendar. It is the first month of the winter season. This month is named after the star Pushya (পুষ্যা). This month marks the start of Winter (শীত Shīt) in the Bengali calendar.

December 8, 2017: Today I had a brief conversation with Georges from Swanta. He told me that he has purchased didactic school materials for the schools in Swanta and Kindu. Once a week he leaves for Kindu. The walk takes two hours and is going uphill. So he uses up to four hours a day to get there and back ”home” to Swanta. In Kindu he teaches twentysix students. In Swanta he meets fourteen students who get to know Georges’s teaching in English, mathematics and world-wide knowledge.

November 18, 2017: I spoke to Georges on the phone today. He lives in Swanta where he also works at school. He describes the teaching level as low and in his mission lies in developing teachers’ methods and modernizing school equipment is important for the quality of education.
In the neighboring village of Kindu, he teaches a couple of days a week.2 november 2017: Today, Georges begins his volunteer trip to Nepal. The villages Swanta and Kindu are waiting for him. Here he stands with his granddaughter Marie-Louis and with his packing on the train.





25th october 2017
: Today I transferred 646,56€ to Georges Cappelle from my collection. They will be used to buy didactic schoolmaterial for the schools in Swanta and Kindu. Georges sends his warmest thanks to everyone who have contributed. In march 2018 Georges will send a report and pictures. Meanwhile I will share the communication we have here. /Sten-Ove

25 january to 28 february 2016: I was in Nepal with my friend and collegue Georges Cappelle (Belgium). We stayed in the little village of Chitre as volunteers with english, maths and music as subjects with  teachers and pupils in the school.
As I was in Nepal in my school organised a ”Wishconsert” which gave 30 000 SEK for the belgian  NGO Himalayan projects.

January to february 2017: Georges returned to Chitre and nearby Swanra village. I collected 5 000 SEK in my own collection.
November 2017: Georges goes back again. This time he serves Kindu and Swanta villages
Read Georges projectdescription for this visit.

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Pictures from Swanta och Kindu

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