Meditation – How?

Beginning meditation can be hard. Before it became a habit for me (I do it almost every meditation
morning) I had to high expectations from the outcome and to high demands about the amount of time to spend every day on meditation. I had the idea that I must SIT for one hour at least. Now I SIT 15-20 up to 30 minutes.


1: Find a place to SIT (on a chair, a yogamat, a meditation pillow)
2: Activate a timer and SIT five minutes as a start (eyes open or closed)
3: Accept the thoughts that come, let them go
4: Expand the time you SIT

Make this a daily routine. Research has shown that five to ten minutes regularly makes a differrence. Look at these TED-talks

If you can´t spend 5 minutes a day you must consider how you live your life. If you spend five minutes you will be rewarded

Good luck




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